RRG Toyota Sprint Series Results Archive

Paul Thomas

All Event results

RoundVenueCourseClassNumberCarClub/TeamClass PositionOverall Position
2017-R2Croft C Pro23Prius ZVW50Team Treehugger233
2017-R1Blyton Park C Pro23Prius ZVW50Team Treehugger334
2016-R6Snetterton C Street17Prius ZVW50Gods of Electric Speed739
2016-R3Woodbridge C Street17Prius ZVW50Gods of Electric Speed423
2016-R2Blyton Park C Street17Prius ZVW50Gods of Electric Speed527
2016-R1Blyton Park D Pro17Yaris HSDGods of Electric Speed325
2015-R6Cadwell Park D Pro7Yaris HSD133
2015-R5Blyton Park D Pro7Yaris HSD241
2015-R4Croft D Pro7Yaris HSD231
2015-R3Woodbridge D Pro7Yaris HSD228
2015-R2Blyton Park D Street7Yaris HSD540
2015-R1Snetterton D Street7Yaris HSD434
2014-R6Rockingham D Street10Yaris HSDNotgasni Racing441
2014-R5Croft N210GT86Notgasni Racing39
2014-R4Snetterton N210GT86Notgasni Racing217
2014-R3Blyton Park N210GT86Notgasni Racing212
2014-R2Woodbridge N110GT86Notgasni Racing111
2014-R1Blyton Park N310GT86Notgasni Racing112
2013-R6Snetterton C Street61GT86214
2013-R5Croft C Street61GT86110
2013-R4Blyton Park C Street61GT86215
2013-R3RAF Barkston Heath C Street61GT86216
2013-R2Woodbridge C Street61GT86215
2013-R1Blyton Park C Street61GT86115
2012-R5Snetterton C Pro52Supra JZA80Jun TW319
2012-R4Croft C Pro52Supra JZA80Jun TW317
2012-R3RAF Barkston Heath C Pro52Supra JZA80Jun TW420
2012-R2Blyton Park C Pro52Supra JZA80Jun TW323
2012-R1Woodbridge C Pro52Supra JZA80Jun TW329
2011-R6Blyton Park C Pro58Supra JZA80Jun TW224
2011-R5Croft C Pro58Supra JZA80Jun TW120
2011-R4RAF Cottesmore C Pro58Supra JZA80Jun TW19
2011-R3RAF Barkston Heath C Pro58Supra JZA80Jun TW322
2011-R2Woodbridge C Pro58Supra JZA80Jun TW223
2011-R1Rockingham C Pro58Supra JZA80Jun TW320
2010-R6Blyton Park F71Aygo KGB10123
2010-R5Woodbridge C60GS300730
2010-R5Woodbridge F71Aygo KGB10126
2010-R4RAF Barkston Heath F71Aygo KGB10126
2010-R3RAF Sculthorpe F71Aygo KGB10126
2010-R2RAF Barkston Heath F71Aygo KGB10131
2010-R1Rockingham F71Aygo KGB10132
2009-R6Teesside Autodrome F82Aygo KGB10131
2009-R5Woodbridge F82Aygo KGB10127
2009-R4RAF Barkston Heath F82Aygo KGB10137
2009-R3Woodbridge F82Aygo KGB10124
2009-R2RAF Barkston Heath F82Aygo KGB10137
2009-R1Rockingham F82Aygo KGB10140
2008-R5Teesside Autodrome F70Aygo KGB10135
2008-R4Woodbridge F70Aygo KGB10131
2008-R3Teesside Autodrome C42Celica ZZT230318
2008-R2RAF Barkston Heath F70Aygo KGB10138
2008-R1Waterbeach F70Aygo KGB10135
2007-R1RAF Barkston Heath A223Soarer JZZ30821